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Mission Statement

The Ghana Neurosurgical Alliance is dedicated to promoting safe and accessible neurosurgical care in Ghana. While many programs provide charitable surgeries and week-long missions, these are only temporary fixes. Our goal is to provide sustainable infrastructure and training that allow for lasting aid and supportive healthcare. Through a series of educational, clinical and field works, we seek to build a stable collaboration between Ghana’s and the USA’s surgeons in tackling the most challenging medical cases. Our work will concurrently support local surgeons and train surgical residents in providing safe neurological care.

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Our monthly newsletter is an electronic publication that keeps you up to date on our mission’s most recent developments and progress we’re making along the way! The articles inform our readers where their donations are going to, and illustrate each step we take towards providing healthcare to underprivileged communities in Ghana.

About Ghana Neurosurgical Alliance

The Ghana Neurosurgical Alliance (GNA) was founded in June 2020 through the collaborative efforts of a team led by Kwadwo Sarpong, Vincent Buckman, Sammy Tiakor, M.D, Akosua Oppong and Nancy Abu-Bonsrah, M.D, M.PH. Having been born and raised in Ghana, these individuals understood the nation’s constant challenges in providing advanced medical and surgical care. It had always been a goal to give back to their heritage and GNA is the first of many. When approached by the Global Brainsurgey Initiative, an organization dedicated to providing neurosurgical care globally to extend its projects to Ghana, Kwadwo and team accepted the challenge and GNA was born. We envision a future of safe, accessible and affordable neurosurgical care in Ghana while promoting further expansion to include other West African Nations and medical specialties. Lasting infrastructure and training programs are paramount to successfully implementing a future we can all be proud of.

Current Work

Our current work is focused on educating Ghanaian surgeons and residents on the latest techniques for surgery, donating modern surgical equipment, and providing a platform for collaboration between Ghanaian and neurosurgeons across the globe to help address complex brain surgery cases in Ghana. Since its establishment, GNA has hosted several educational webinars to understand the neurosurgery landscape of Ghana. On these webinars, surgeons from both the USA and Ghana presented challenging brain and spinal cases. Currently GNA is planning a trip to Ghana in 2022 where Ghanaian neurosurgeons will work on challenging surgical cases with teams from the United States. We want our work to be primarily about the local Ghanian population. While our organization supports programs like Doctors Without Borders and others that send medical aid, we want to create a more long-term, lasting impact. Rather than treat Neurosurgical Care as an import, our goal is to build infrastructure such as catheterization and dissection laboratories that will allow Ghana to foster competent and skilled Neurosurgeons of their own.

Our projects

1. History and current landscape of neurosurgery in Ghana

2. Bibliometric analysis

3. Workforce and current burden - Policy and Recommendation

4. Neurocritical care Database

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